Seeing with a neutral and compassionate eye is the first step towards unconditional acceptance, and this is the first step towards true joy

A life full of faith is a life full of love.

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Solitude and silence remind us of what we are.

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Peace in Schools

Peace in Schools brings mindfulness to teens in schools, shelters, and the community.

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Classes and Workshops

We offer meditation and awareness practice through a regular schedule of classes, workshop, and retreats.

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Private Consultations

Private consultations with Caverly Morgan are an opportunity to bring consciousness to your life and deepen your awareness practice.

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Support Our Programs

Help us expand our mindfulness programs for youth in schools, shelters, and social service agencies.

Your life changes when your intention is to be free no matter what. Then, everything that comes your way becomes an opportunity to be awake. Every experience is an opportunity to be free