About Caverly

Caverly Morgan is the founding meditation teacher of One House of Peace, a nonprofit bringing awareness practice to adults and teens. She has been dedicated to practice since 1995, including eight years as a monk at a silent Zen monastery. Her teachings integrate the original spirit of Zen with a contemporary nondual approach.

Caverly lives in Portland, Oregon and leads meditation workshops and retreats across the United States. She offers private consultations in person and by Skype to students who wish to deepen their practice of consciousness.

Caverly is also the founder and Executive Director of Peace in Schools and created the first accredited high school mindfulness course in the United States. This groundbreaking class is now in five public high schools and is expanding. The vision of Peace in Schools is to make mindfulness a recognized discipline in public education.

Caverly’s gift is expressing the living truth that transcends traditional form. Her passion is using skillful means to assist people from all walks of life to awaken. Within the intimacy of the moment, her teachings arise from a place of immediacy and presence.

Caverly teaches with clarity, humor, and a boundless heart. Caverly met the nondual teacher Rupert Spira in 2014 and her practice and teachings have been profoundly impacted by their friendship. Caverly’s unwavering commitment to consciousness is the foundation for the work of transformation and realization that she offers the world.